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Journal of a Procrastinator

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I've been on lj more than two years now, and I still haven't gotten around to writing anything here >_<

Until I think of something better, I'll write some facts about myself...

1. I'm a fashion/art/teacher student from Denmark.

2. I love sewing and drawing equally and can't decide which one to choose, although right now I'm most focused on sewing.

3. My favorite season is winter.

4. The music I listen to the most is Japanese music, some fav artists being Shiina Ringo, Gackt, miyavi, Yaida Hitomi, arp, Sakamoto Maaya, Onitsuka Chihiro, Dir en Grey, GO!GO!7188, HALCALI, Kozi, m-flo, Vidoll, Tokyo Jihen and Pizzicato Five.

5. I love fruity and Lolita fashion ♥

6. I believe that if women had more power the world would be a more peaceful place.

7. Turtles are my favorite animal ♥

8. Some day I want to go to Japan and study fashion. And buy fashion :D

9. I like tartan fabrics.

10. The Danish government sucks. They claim they want to make Denmark a place for knowledge, education and renewable energy, yet they cut down funding for schools and science (to give tax cuts to rich people) and every year they take down more windmills than they put up, resulting in Denmark becoming LESS energy efficient with every passing day.
This wasn't a fact about me, but it needed to be said :P

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